In chat today, Timothy mentioned that the tags in oneboxes look a lot like the buttons in Windows XP:

Picture of tags in oneboxes

Compare to Windows XP button:
Windows XP buttons

Can we make the oneboxes and the tags on the main site look like the buttons from Lion? Like this:

I personally think that this will add more personality and a more OS X-ish feel to the site.


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I feel this would be a very poor design decision.

Apple's HIG specifically calls out "Do not use a push button as a label."

The OS X button style is reserved for clickable UI elements and if we used them on items that are not Cocoa controls and instead web links - I feel it would undermine the clarity of purpose that OS X provides under it's Human Interface Guidelines. And that's the best spin on it for people browsing from OS X browsers.

It gets worse if you are browsing from an iOS device where the button treatment uses another idiom. Likewise Ubuntu, Windows, Android, etc….

I get the wish to have pretty things - but I'd personally rather a "design is how it works" interpretation here over a "design is how it looks" design.

Thankfully, the site has redesigned the tag buttons and they look very nice on both retina and non-retina screens of all OS (again perhaps only in my opinion).

redesigned tag button design from June 2013

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