It's nice to have awareness of the challenge.

However, it's potentially confusing – especially for newcomers – to have Mountain Lion so prominent below the title of every question that is specifically not about Mountain Lion.

Placement in the midst of each question is not ideal.

An example:

enter image description here

Answers below assume that it will be possible (and relatively easy) to treat the challenge, or its banner, differently wherever a question:

– and so on.

This is admittedly a late suggestion, if there are only nine days left for this particular banner/challenge/competition, but it could be food for thought before the next banner is placed.

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Have there been any comments or links or conversation of this being confusing to actual newcomers? (Or are you placing yourself in their shoes?)

I think this banner is a very good way to ensure everyone who visits knows that we are actively seeking participation from newcomers - especially if they have arrived here for reasons other than Mountain Lion launch.

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    Confusing for me sometimes, and I'm familiar with the site, which is why I began thinking about newcomers. Certainly the banner is a good way of raising awareness but its placement in the midst of a question can be troublesome. – Graham Perrin Jul 30 '12 at 15:08

Suppress the banner

Keep it simple. Suppress the wide banner, unrelated to the question, that appears between the title of the question and the body of the question.

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Make better use of the sidebar

The community bulletin, already in the sidebar, already links to a Mountain Lion 'contest' that ends in a few days.

Adapt the bulletin to link primarily to the Mountain Lion 'challenge'.

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