I want to re-ask this question, but for iOS 6 (existing question, based on date, is for iOS 5).

What's the best way to proceed?

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The best way is to simply copy all the text and see if it needs editing - if you want to give credit to the original poster, that is nice - so paraphrase things unless you want it to be verbatum and you quote the author. For good form you should link to the old question and explain why you feel iOS 6 is different than iOS 5.

Unless you have a reason to believe the notifications are different, we should generalize the old question by an edit to say explicitly it's for iOS 5 and iOS 6.

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  • Did this help? Feel free to commend, edit your question or let us know if we hit or missed the mark on this answer. – bmike Dec 12 '12 at 14:57

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