I was wondering if it is possible to post pictures in comments? It might be useful for clarification of difficult questions. If not then could it be a feature?

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  • Why the down votes? It's a meta question! – DeepSpace101 May 17 '13 at 16:48

I'd argue a picture, posted in a comment, should really be made as a clarifying edit to the answer or to the question -- wherever the comment was going to be made.

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It's not possible currently, but we can leave it here tagged as feature request. The site developers monitor questions tagged as so they will see both this and the votes that people have left for the feature to be implemented.

(Don't be alarmed if people down vote it - votes here work differently than on the main sites)

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If there really is a need for adding a picture to a comment (which I doubt due to the nature of comments here), there is always the possibility to add a link to the picture uploaded somewhere.

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