I was going through the Suggested Edits review queue, and this suggested edit came up. I pressed Improve, edited the post and submitted it.

Revision History

However, the suggested edit was only approved by Community♦…

Why (and how) did this happen?


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This isn't a bug, but is actually seen as a feature.

The way to unroll who approved the edit is to look at the post history.

When a reviewer chooses improve, the community user approves the initial edit immediately to unblock the post and let the reviewer make changes. So, in this case, Peter made the first edit that needed review and you caused community to approve and then you made the second edit.

This is documented as Mark described at:

  • This doesn't seem to match any improved suggested edits I've seen recently, including edits before/after the one in my question. For example, this edit shows that community approved and I edited in the review itself…
    – grg Mod
    Dec 31, 2013 at 15:36

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