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Sometimes I see one of those one-line-answers and I write a comment below. But after reviewing I have to click one of these options: Looks good - Edit - Improve - Skip

What should I click after adding a comment? Is that Looks good because I don't want the answer to be removed? Or is it Skip?

Both doesn't look right to me, as I wrote a comment thus not skipping that review.

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I agree the naming of the options is confusing here.

The solution you want is Looks Good.

Basically Looks Good means I have reviewed the post and taken all the actions I can do. Skip always means I don't know what do to here - leave this in queue for another reviewer.

See this question about what the buttons do and this one for why this came about

  • That was exactly why I was in doubt. I didn't want to skip, but it doesn't look good either. The I'm Done option suites better IMO
    – Rob
    Commented Mar 25, 2014 at 15:31

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