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This is an old problem, that Apple doesn't really care about. So sadly, we need to make
some noise to be listened and have our problems solved. This is a petition, please read
before sign it: 
Yours sincerely.

  [1]: http://www.change.org/petitions/apple-to-get-apple-to-replace-all-units-affected-

Are answers such as this worthy of being flagged NAA and deleted?

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I would say the mentioning of a petition isn't the reason to delete a post. It's when there's no answer to be seen and all the post does is petition / advertise. Just like spam solicitations are out of bounds, spam solicitations are similarly not primarily in the interest of collecting knowledge and solving an issue as opposed to raising awareness of a project, effort or tool.

I would say a post like that clearly could be edited into shape, so a down vote, a comment, an edit would all be great initial actions rather than needing a moderator to step in and delete. (However, no one is under obligation to step in and save a post that could be saved, just pointing out the possibility.)

Of course we can and should delete posts that clearly are not an answer as the linked item as posted is. I also wanted to encourage people to try to save posts by new users rather than just writing them off for deletion rather than exhausting the normal means to moderate a post.


It doesn't answer the question so flagging/deleting definitively is in order. In this case it does have some merits as a comment.

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