I encountered this question via an organic search result in Google. Can a mod please unlock it so that I can upvote it?

How can I make Safari show the URL when I hover over a link?

The question has been locked for 7 months, and the system doesn't trust me that my upvote would be not genuine. A user's combined reputation should be a good indicator that they're not messing around.

This leads to a feature request: provide the mods an option to expire the lock after n days.

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  • I unlocked it (and undeleted the Ultimate Status Bar answer because that extension does exactly what the question was asking is da bomb). An auto-unlock for mods to set would be a cool feature IMO. – Ian C. Jul 25 '14 at 22:45

You can flag a post for unlocking as well as post on the meta as you did. Thanks for showing up and helping to up vote good content.

There is a feature to lock posts for a time period and then unlock them, however this post had answers that were continually vandalized by a bot performing anonymous edits. It devalued the review queue so I locked the post.

If the bot comes back, we will have to lock it - the good news is there are enough votes for this post to rise to the top of just about any search.

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