My first post on Meta & I didn't find anything similar by searching...
I see this a lot, on various question/answers - the last line of a code section hidden behind the scroll-bar...

enter image description here

If I check Edit, there is no fault with the user's formatting, they have added lines underneath [& incidentally if I then Cancel the formatting 'fixes' itself]

Is there a 'higher-up' who could have a look at this & fix it?

My System - Early 08 Mac Pro; 10.9.4, 26GB RAM, SSD, Safari 7.0.5

Link to this specific example - Services menu shows the incorrect name

Further testing - Chrome shows it just fine, Safari does if I refresh the page, but consistently fails on first opening of that link. I really have no special kind of setup in Safari, it's pretty much fresh out the box in terms of how I have it configured.

  • Can you link to the question so we can see the issue - it has probably something to do with your browser setup – mmmmmm Aug 31 '14 at 12:30
  • Sure - wasn't sure I could find it again, but I did.. – Tetsujin Aug 31 '14 at 12:39
  • Looks OK on my Safari OSX 10.9.4 – mmmmmm Aug 31 '14 at 12:42
  • Hmm... it works if I simply click the link, fails if I Cmd/Shift/Click to open in new tab, which is my default method for forum browsing. – Tetsujin Aug 31 '14 at 12:47
  • The latter i.e. right click is how I opened it – mmmmmm Aug 31 '14 at 12:48
  • Stranger still - right click open in new tab fails, open in new window works. – Tetsujin Aug 31 '14 at 12:49
  • Can but hope - it's not hugely irritating, tbh, I'll survive ;-) – Tetsujin Aug 31 '14 at 18:09
  • 1
    works ok here with 7.0.5 and right-clicking to new tab. Maybe you've installed an extension which impacts rendering? – nohillside Sep 1 '14 at 16:43
  • 1
    You appear to be correct - BOTH Click to Flash & YouTube5 do it, if either is enabled, I see the error, both disabled I don't. – Tetsujin Sep 1 '14 at 16:54

Appears to be fixed with OS 10.9.5 & Safari 7.0.6, even with Click to Flash & YouTube5 enabled.

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