I noticed that (un)accepts...

...and bounties...

are red there. Why are all the rep received from bonuses RED?!

I understand unaccepts - they give negative rep gain and therefore logically made red (on any SE site).

But why do accepts have a red background? It should be green, that's the wonderful color which is used for accepts everywhere on SE. Also bounties: why red again? Why not blue, the known color of bounties?

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    Blue for bounties and bounties awarded is a good idea.
    – Ian C.
    Jan 11, 2015 at 1:00

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Red, or #ab2020, is the accent colour used throughout this site for highlighting.

  • .review-indicator span
  • h3 a:hover
  • .bounty-indicator
  • .bounty-indicator-tab
  • .bounty-award
  • .bounty-vote-off

Ask Different isn't the only site to use red (or a shade of red) for this.
For example, Arqade uses red for bounties and Webmasters uses orange (these were just the first two graduated sites I tried).

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