Currently tags for Apple Apps are all over the place.

At first I thought it would be a good idea to have separate tags for each app on each platform like having for OS X and for iOS but that quickly gets out of hand with all the new platforms (tv and watch) and there isn't a simple naming convention to follow (why a prefix for one platform and a suffix for the other). Apple used to refer to Mail on iOS as Mobile Mail but now they do not. I think internally it is still MobileMail and NanoMail for the watch but most people wouldn't recognize them as such.

Thus I propose that we move tags for Apple apps that have the same name across platforms to use the .app suffix such as and drop or make the mobile prefix a synonym. Then the user would just combine the app tag with the relevant platform to indicate which one they are interested in. Also we would still keep general nouns such as and separate from their .app tags. Thoughts?

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.app only makes sense for OS X applications as this is the only one that shows .app. OS X users will unserstand .app but I think there will be new IOS users who will not understand .app as an extension (and the default for OS X is show no extension) so I think .app is only for experienced people. This is especially as auto complete will show the name without the .app and users will choose that.

I agree the mobile prefix makes no sense,


Yes, this should happen, since people would be able to search with [mail] [ios] or similar. The search term would mean that all posts found would have both tags.

You can even test it out using this search query for and -tagged posts.

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