On the main trilogy, there's a very consistent hard line drawn against amateur legal advice.

If you want to have the same policy here, you should vote to close:

Is it possible to have GPL software in the Mac App Store?

  • Hm, good point. At the very least we should make it clear that the answers do NOT constitute legal advice. – Kyle Cronin Jan 17 '11 at 19:54

To me, it depends how much danger there is in such advice.

Like, medical advice here would be a bad idea because if someone gave you bad medical advice, you could die.

I am not sure that particular question holds any danger for anyone of any consequence, and the information it provides is at least useful as a starting point for research.

That said, if you saw a user providing bad or careless legal advice, that is -- more than simple basic pointers for research with the disclaimer that "hey, I'm no lawyer, I'm just a user like you, but here's what I know" -- then it's fair to vote that down or flag it.

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