On the iPhone app, when reading a question that does not have any comments from other users one is unable to add a comment.

There is only the option to "add an answer".

For example, on this question: Several items disabled on iPhone, I am only able to see this:

No "comment button"?

However, occasionally, if there is a question that already has a comment on it, I am able to add a comment. I am unable to find an example at the moment.

Is this due to an unknown site mechanic or due to a lack of sufficient rep?

EDIT: I found an example of the "Add Comment" button appearing:

Here it is

Strangely, it appeared on my question.

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That's actually how the site works:

  • I seeeee. So that's what the "Comment Everywhere" privilege was about. I must've gotten confused between my U&L profile and the Ask Different one. Commented Jan 2, 2016 at 11:00

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