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Is this some kind of glitch, or an actual message?
Can't read it [can't even pronounce cyrillic let alone translate it], can't copy/paste it as the entire message is a link in that drop menu.

Link itself just goes to http://ru.stackoverflow.com not any specific message page.

I'm not signed up to StackOverflow itself, English or Russian so can't really post it to their Meta.

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It's an automated Stack Exchange message asking you to help with Stack Overflow in Russian. These messages are usually sent for events such as a moderator election being held on a site that you have an account on. Receiving a message for a site you don't have an account on seems like a bug, unless this is a special message I'm not aware of.

I seem to recall receiving a similar message about a different site a very long time ago, but perhaps I'm misremembering. Unfortunately these kinds of messages don't appear in the inbox API endpoint, so I can't search my inbox history.

By the way, running the message through Google Translate gives me the following:

Stack Overflow in Russian needs your help!

  • Thanks. I couldn't even get as far as Google Trans, as I've no way to generate cyrillic [other than adding a Russian keyboard, then visually scanning the Keyboard Viewer, hoping to find a pictorial match] :)
    – Tetsujin
    Oct 11, 2016 at 19:59

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