It is discouraging to type all your work in the comment field, and then have it time out. It legitimately took me that long because I was doing some research.

There's no timer or progress bar, so you don't know there's a limit until you're over it.

I understand the need for some sort of timeout, but could it please be a bit longer? I imagine 5 minutes is difficult for disabled people who have trouble typing rapidly.

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If you really need more than 5 minutes to edit a comment, delete the comment and comment again. The limit is there to prevent people rewriting history, by altering a comment which has already been replied to or to which other action has been taken because of it. The 5 minute limit matches the grace period for post edits that don't cause a revision.

  • In fact, I used the workaround you suggest. And the text I had typed was still available to copy and paste. So it's not fatal if you think of that -- just annoying.
    – Jamie Cox
    Mar 1, 2017 at 19:06

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