I no longer receive notifications (both on web and iOS app) for edits made to my posts by others. If I recall correctly, this didn't use to be the case previously. However, I can browse to the Responses section under my account overview page to see the notification listed.

I have first observed this behaviour a month ago. I would like to be notified for any edits made to my post(s).

Has something changed recently on the website? Or is this possibly a bug? Has someone else observed it too?

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If you're talking about minor edits like this one, that's . You're only notified of substantial edits; which edits are substantial is not completely defined:

There are a few rules in how "substantive" is defined, but typically one of the following should be enough to trigger a message:

  • edit to a question title
  • the edit in the post body should be over a threshold
  • the edit in code sections should be over another threshold

The threshold varies from site to site. Retagging only is not considered "substantive" hence will not send notification.

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