I tried commenting on an answer, and all of my paragraphs were strung together in a single paragraph.

I used proper markdown, adding two spaces at the end of each paragraph. When that didn't work, I tried appending a <br/> to the end of my paragraphs, but that didn't work either! (In fact, the <br/> was rendered in my answer, instead of being interpreted as HTML.)

What was I doing wrong?

If it's relevant, my comment can be found here: Can a Mac's model year be determined with a Terminal Command?

  • I haven’t seen paragraphs in comments. I don’t think it can be done either.
    – anki
    Jul 18, 2019 at 12:52

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You're doing nothing wrong; comments only support a very specific subset of Markdown formatting and this is by design. Which commands are supported is revealed when you click the 'help' link when posting a comment:

enter image description here

There's also a nice list of shorthand links you can exclusively use in comments (they won't work in posts).

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