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Free WYSIWYG Markdown editor

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I've been using Typora as a Markdown editor when it was free (during beta), but now it's pay for use and I want to find an equivalent, free (preferably open source) tool. My requirements:

  • free (preferably open source)
  • rather than a separate editing and preview pane, I want the editing to happen in the same pane in which the Markdown code is rendered, i.e., WYSIWYG. This is what Typora does
  • support for drawing tables, bulleted/numbered lists, code fences, import images, etc. Basically, the same features as the post editor on Stack Exchange, but WYSIWYG instead than separate editing/preview panes
  • rendering of math formulas
  • runs on Monterey

Research: I googled around a bit and I found the following;

  • Mou app seemed to have been widely recommended in the past, but it's not being developed anymore
  • MacDown is active, but it has separated editing and rendering panes
  • similarly for VS Code
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    With the edits the question IMHO is on-topic.
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  • @nohillside thanks!
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