I want to insert images to my questions and answers and, to make my post more readable, I use the HTML img tag.

I was looking for a way to align images at the center of the post (normally text-align:center in CSS).

For example, this image:



<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/t11VJ.jpg" width="250" alt="options">

As you can see, it's on the right side of this post. I am looking for a way to bring it to the center. How to do it?

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See this answer on how to post images without losing the higher resolution of the original (some of your latest screenshots are hard to read).

And take a look at Is it possible to horizontally center an image on Stack Exchange sites? for options on how to accomplish centered images. Or do as anybody else here does and just stop worrying about laying out your posts too much :-)


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