It really looks this question - Developed an addiction. How can I block websites? - is a clever marketing spam post to promote Freedom.to ... it's written in a manner to reject all other reasonable solution already available in macOS / iOS (like screen time) thus inviting "other solutions" where Freedom.to can be promoted. And now SE itself is promoting the question further as a HNQ because of its dramatic copy.

Another similar question is How can I block the Twitter website on iPhone? which also specifically says it doesn't want to use screen time, thus inviting "other solutions".

(Yes, I know it is hard to judge whether these are indeed spam, as they don't promote the product directly but invite us to innocently suggest it as an answer. I just thought I'd make a note of it here so that we can be aware of the pattern, and keep an eye for it).

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Why would a user, who has been on the site for years, provided several questions and answers on various topics and gathered some reputation while doing so, suddenly sit down and carefully craft a question aimed at getting a specific answer mentioning a specific product? A product which has come up a few times already in the past, both in questions and in answers?

I won’t say it’s impossible, but IMHO it seems highly unlikely.

PS: Your second example asks for a solution usable with Apple Configurator. This basically excludes any third-party products.

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    When I used to manage communities in Reddit, it was common for old and reputed Reddit accounts to be stolen (hacked) or bought for spam promotion.
    – sfxedit
    Dec 21, 2023 at 21:31

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