The new "mobile" template, among other things, replaces the site logo with the name of the site in text. However, the Stack Exchange engine still thinks that this site is called "Apple", which results in users visiting Ask Different on their iPhones being served a page that looks nothing like Ask Different with the word "Apple" instead of the logo.

Another example of where "Apple" appears where "Ask Different" should be used is in the moderator election system message. I've changed it on the main site, but you can see here on the meta site that it says "Apple 2011 community moderator election" instead of "Ask Different 2011 community moderator election".

To fix these issues, and to make sure that similar ones don't come up in the future, I request that the name of this site be changed to "Ask Different".

edit: some current examples:


This also is listed as Apple and not Ask Different in the chat parent user dialog.

  1. go to http://chat.stackexchange.com/ and log in if needed
  2. select your user name at the top of the screen (to the left of users | rooms | faq)
  3. select change next to parent user enter image description here
  4. Apple matches the Ask Different site - ask only matches Ask Ubuntu

Now that this name change is complete - the search tab for selecting a site is quite intelligent, matching the obvious Ask but also matching the intuitive, but not shown Apple string as you type it. This is very cool!

new ask different name change expansion

  • (i figured this would be better here or should I make a new bug post for this specifically?)
    – bmike Mod
    Aug 9 '11 at 15:37
  • This is fine here, it's the same problem Aug 9 '11 at 21:54

It's also listed as Apple in the migration statistics section of the 10k tools on other sites. Makes it difficult to find when searching for Ask Different.

enter image description here

Especially given the fact that Ask Ubuntu is the proper name of the Ubuntu site...

enter image description here

On the reputation leagues site, it also appears as Apple.

enter image description here


StackApple on Twitter

I doubt that the short name can be changed.

My first thought was that the name to the side could be updated:

  • from Apple Stack Exchange
  • to Ask Different

Later I became aware of @askdifferent on Twitter, which now has its own question Who owns @askdifferent on twitter?

So: whatever happens to the side name etc. of @StackApple should be not decided until after the @askdifferent question is answered.

  • 1
    We are going to change the bio line of @StackApple to something like "Stack Exchange Q&A for power users of Apple hardware and software", which means we will be able to change the Real Name to Ask Different without having to mention SE. In theory. (This is not a fix by any means, but it's a good first step.)
    – hairboat
    Aug 10 '11 at 14:06

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