I have noticed that when I sign up for most sites in the SE network, I automatically get the Autobiographer badge after a few minutes of interacting with the new SE site. When I do, I look at my profile page and, indeed, my bio from Stackoverflow is populated there.

Ask Different appears not to do this. Is there something I can do manually to associate my user with my SE profile bio — preferably something that does not involve a copy/paste of my bio?

Is there some bug in the Ask Different implementation that I am encountering, or was this a deliberate choice that was made when Ask Different was created?


Your highest rep profile is copied to any new sites you join at the time you create an account.

On the accounts tab on your profile, you can click

Copy {site} Profile To Related Accounts

To copy a profile across the network.

  • Thank you, Jeff. Worked great! – pohl Apr 12 '11 at 2:57

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