I've asked a question here that has gotten very little response, and I think it would do better on superuser.com. First, am I right? If so, how do I go about moving it, since I don't have the rep to migrate? I've considered posting a duplicate (which I've done before), or putting something like "(please migrate to super user)" in the title.

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If you'd like something migrated, you can flag it for moderator attention - it's the "flag" link directly under the tags for the post. If you'd like, I can move your question to Super User, but it might yet get an answer here. I don't personally mind people cross-posting questions, especially if they haven't gotten a response on a particular site, but not everyone agrees with that.

So I guess it's up to you - I don't mind if you crosspost, but if you want I'll migrate it for you instead.


Changing the title to include "please migrate to super user" is probably the less effective way to get a question migrated to another site.

I would flag the question, and report I think it better suits the other site.
As alternative, I would ask the question in the other site; in that case, I would probably close the question on Ask Different, if it has not answers, or flag the question and report you already asked the question in another SE site.

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