Now that Lion is out, would be great to have a wiki-type thread to track best hidden tips/tricks/tweaks for Lion. Curious if this is a good topic for AD, or if I should take it to Quora instead ;)

Previously it would have been a Community Wiki, but I see that feature is now gone. (right?)


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Community Wiki is still available, but it has to be activated by a moderator. My suggestion would be to model the question after Mac OS X hidden features and nice tips & tricks and flag your question for moderator attention requesting it to be wikified.


I would say make two.

One for workarounds (where people are looking to change things - urgently looking for an answer to a specific issue)

One for tips / tricks (where people browse for hints, ideas, learning)

yes you can learn from other's problems, many workarounds can be in essence tips or tricks - but I think making it more narrow increases the chance that the answers will track a useful theme...

(there - that ought to be my 2 cents worth)

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