At the moment we don't have wiki for tags (for example the osx tag).

I know it's written a user need to have more than 1000 points to edit the tag wiki, but soon users will reach 1k points. Therefore, I think we should beginning answering these questions :

  • What tags will need a wiki ?
  • What do we want inside a tag wiki ?

Wikis would be nice, so users could understand the differences between osx, mac and apple or when to use software-recommendation, …

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In general, of-the-top-of-my-head fashion:

  • [osx] would need a wiki.
  • [apple] would need a wiki.
  • [mac] would need a wiki.

Actually, anything that is technically a proper noun should have a wiki. [firefox] for example, or [steve-jobs] perhaps? [iphone], [ios], [macbook] should have wikis.

By no means should they be insanely comprehensive though, just a couple of lines (or paragraphs as they prefer) describing the tag and applicable uses.

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tag wiki entry for


Process seems fine to me.

This particular tag was discussed in chat before someone created it for me, I drafted the wiki entry, entry was approved, recently edited (to include the tag within the body of the wiki entry) and again approved.

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What tags will need a wiki?

Blogged today:

I think:

  • all tags should have at least an excerpt, because the new design draws attention to gaps
  • the excerpt should be not too long
  • the excerpt need not be a verbatim excerpt from the full information; more important for the excerpt alone to help a user to decide whether a tag is appropriate.

Room for improvement: an example

Screenshot of excerpts for two tags

In the example above:

  • my current excerpt for [core-storage] is not good enough; showing it as an Apple thing, with sometimes different names, is too nondescript
  • there may be a generation of users to whom Corel is unknown.
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