Can I ask a question in the main site to users about their best quote or memories from Steve Jobs. This would be way off-topic from the approved list of topics in the site.

I wanted to double check since we are talking about Steve Jobs here :)

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    Are the down voters upset that this is being asked (or the form of the question) or just voting instead of answering no to the question? I thought the practice is to up vote a relevant question even if the answer to that question is no.
    – bmike Mod
    Aug 27, 2011 at 23:42

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Main Site:

This question isn't really asking a question about Apple hardware and software, so it's inherently off-topic.

What's more, it would have to be a Community Wiki since there is no one 'right answer'.
The current attitude about CW is generally against (see How to kill off 'community wiki' entries and The future of community wiki).

Since this wouldn't be a particularly educational CW, nor relevant to the core of this site (questions about Apple hardware and software), I personally don't think it should be posted on the main site.

Meta Site:

Since this isn't, in any way, a question about the main site itself, it should not be posted on Meta.

Other Option:

I think that this would be an interesting post. However, I don't believe that it would be a good fit for our Q&A site.

If you're interested in getting the Ask Different community to discuss Steve Jobs, I think your best option is to create a chat room for it.
Chat rooms have much looser scope than the rest of the site, and are especially designed for discussion.


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