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Questions about the best way to do something on a Stack Exchange site, not for questions about questions about best practices.

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How to handle duplicates if the older question (or the answer) is a "subset" of a newer question?

I marked this question: Mac App Store apps damaged? as a duplicate of a newer question Many OS X app store apps are listed as "app" is damaged and can't be opened. The reason to do it this way was ...
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Markup of reserved words?

How to format reserved words within: question title, question body, comments? By 'reserved words' I mean words which aren't code and which don't require to be emphasised but to be identified clearly ...
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Flagging best practices

I've a couple of times gotten feedback on flags where I selected "not an answer" which says "...should possibly be an edit, comment, another question, or deleted altogether..." and (for example the ...
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