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For questions about the public or private beta phase of a site's progress through the Area 51 site creation process.

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2 answers

Which beta tag is preferred?

It's that time of year and we're back in Apple's beta season. While seeing some recent Big Sur and iOS 14 questions start to come across, I noticed that we have 2 tags for beta software: beta beta-...
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Some Clarity on Beta Questions

I've found myself at odds when reviewing questions surrounding the beta version(s) of macOS (in this case, Mojave). For me (in the tangled mess that is my head), there are legitimate questions to be ...
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3 answers

Update to FAQ regarding beta and pre-release software [duplicate]

I have updated to the FAQ to include a line about not being able to ask about pre-release and beta software. and it is not about ... pre-release or beta software requiring a non-disclosure agreement ...
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Should we perhaps upvote some more?

If you're been reading the Stack Overflow blog recently, you might have noticed that Area 51 now has more pronounced (traffic light colour-coded) indicators about how the beta sites are doing. Here's ...
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Starting reputation at 101 vs 1?

Just wondering why some users start with 101 rep while others start with 1. Is it to do with activity on Area 51 before the site went to beta?
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