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Does the community bot downvote?

I got an auto comment to improve my answer, which is fine. But I'm curious if the bot is the one that downvoted me or if other people downvoted me. Does the bot vote?
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Why a comment could be deleted?

A few days ago I asked a question on Ask Different and a user answered me. another user who is one of Ask Different moderators, leave an answer but based on the community rights, I believe his post ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why do silent changes made by “Community ♦” show up in the front page?

I have often seen, on the front page, a question from years ago showing up as “Active” due to an update made by “Community ♦”. Specifically, this question does not show any activity with ?lastactivity ...
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Community accepted crappy suggested edit

I came across a rather interesting revision history of an question, in which was a horrible suggested edit that was accepted by the Community bot. To be fair, the suggested edit wasn't all bad – the ...
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Please hat the community user

The community user is showing up in the Ask Different winter bash leaderboard. Undoubtedly the community process is working hard, but until now there was no easy way to measure its contribution. It ...
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