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This tag refers to all questions deleted from Stack Exchange sites. You can also use this tag along with [specific-question] and [meta] to ask why a specific question on Meta Stack Exchange was deleted.

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1 answer

Why would a moderator delete the first duplicate answer in the timeline?

If an answer gets deleted by a moderator - presumably because it was considered a duplicate - why would said moderator delete the first answer in the timeline, especially after the poster has put in ...
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Why was my post deleted?

I asked a question here about how to diagnose a weird swap issue with my Mac. I received some unhelpful advice from someone who didn't understand what the difference between VM and swap was, so I ...
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Shall I close or even delete question based on misunderstanding?

My very own, recently asked question (this one) is based on a misunderstanding / problems with memory. I am asking why my Mail app on my old iPad isn't receiving any messages? After reviewing my ...
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Can an user see their post deleted for reasons of moderation and its comments?

As it often happens, a new user posts a thank you answer or asks a question in answer box, people leave comments under them telling them to ask new questions or leaving other related links and flag ...
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Undelete a deleted question

The following question was posted yesterday on Ask Different: I engaged with the OP ...
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Was my question deleted?

I asked a question some time ago about dismissing multiple notifications on OS X. I still have the issue, but my question appears to have been deleted. It's not showing on my recently deleted ...
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Should I delete my question or keep it?

Not finding a solution, I posted this question but now see it is covered by this one with an answer. Should I just delete it, or is it better to close as a duplicate?
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What should be done with questions marked as duplicates of deleted questions?

There are a number of questions that are marked as duplicate of deleted questions: Will Lion X be downloadable for everyone? How to recover deleted files from Iphone 4(iOS 4.3) full wireless keyboard ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How can I view comments on deleted Questions?

I asked a question on AskDifferent and someone replied to it by deleting it. I got 2 notifications that my question has been answered but now that I've logged in to the site, I cannot see those ...
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Question Deletion

I'm not sure if it contributes to our site stats, but one possible way to increase our answer / question ratio would be to delete some of the closed questions that have no useful answers. Even if it ...
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