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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system.

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Feature Request: Add editor buttons for symbols common to the subject

Feature Request: Add editor buttons for symbols common to the subject being discussed. In the case of the Apple Stack Exchange, I wish to suggest some buttons for the editor to insert the common keys ...
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Why was my edit removing code formatting reverted?

I recently made an edit to this answer: Apple Mail keeps crashing frequently after RAM problem I removed the code formatting from the text, except the shell commands as these are code. My edit was ...
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How to rescue this QA

Applescript Won't Invoke Shortcut Command This entire QA, including all 3 answers & a myriad comments, is more of an online troubleshooting conversation than a true QA. The final answer I ...
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Should I rollback a bad minor edit by the OP?

I recently made a substantial edit to this question: How do I upload a new version of an app after an App Transfer? The OP then further edited the post to change an I to an i: It was a very minor ...
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Does Ask Different have a different tag-suggester than other SE sites?

I’m using an old version of IOS Safari (original iPad). Of course, there a lot of minor irritations with the UI. One of them is that on all SE sites, selecting a suggested tag takes anywhere from ...
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