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This tag is referring to the process of identifying and closing questions that are duplicates of another question.

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Question led to a followup question — asked in separate question, marked duplicate

I asked: Why does Sort by Kind sort extensions in reverse order. The answer was: Sort by Kind doesn't sort by extension. Fair enough. The question answers the unexpected (to some) behavior ...
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How should we be closing or not closing accountsd using 400% CPU type questions on 10.15.6 and newer?

We have a rash of people needing help with sluggish Macs on 10.15.6 and 10.15.7 The best technical explanation of this is that some, but not all people get this daemon taking multiple cores of CPU and ...
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Why can’t we flag as duplicate a question with no answer?

These two questions : Touchbar seems to randomly trigger - hardware bug? Button on touchbar is randomly activated without being pressed Are exactly about the same problem but when I try to mark the ...
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Should I bounty one of these to get a canonical answer for Catalina era hardware?

There are quite a few versions of “I want an external display, an open clamshell and no display whatsoever” questions: How to automatically turn black main monitor when external monitor is connected ...
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Dupe question... but answers are extremely different

I recently asked this question about disabling Siri entirely in the touch bar on the new Macbook Pro models. The question is technically a duplicate (and was marked as such), however the answers on ...
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How to close obvious duplicate

This question How to access the Menu Mnemonics of an X11 Program within macOS is and obvious duplicate of How can I get the Alt key to work in an X11 application? However I can't mark the question as ...
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Is question-linking a part of a privilege? Which one? Or is that done through some other mechanism?

I'm to the point where I don't think I can bring myself to answer pkgutil --expand-full again. Like, ever again. I don't wanna be known for milking this one flag I dug up years ago. But somehow, ...
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Seemingly duplicate answer by another poster

In this question I posted an answer. After I posted my answer (by comparing timestamps), someone else posted the same exact answer I did (albeit with a GIF to illustrate it). It is now voted up higher ...
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Request to merge questions on slow Finder updating

I was having the problem described in this question: Capturing screenshots on macOS Sierra is very slow. However, while searching I found Screenshot taking a very long time to appear on desktop first (...
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How should we manage questions that have very different answers per version of macOS?

I asked a question regarding how to perform an action on macOS Sierra. Over the years Apple has changed the OS in specific ways that older solutions don't apply to the latest version of their OS, and ...
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How to handle duplicates if the older question (or the answer) is a "subset" of a newer question?

I marked this question: Mac App Store apps damaged? as a duplicate of a newer question Many OS X app store apps are listed as "app" is damaged and can't be opened. The reason to do it this way was ...
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Linking questions without 'penalising' one as a duplicate

The following 2 questions are essentially duplicates, along the lines of 'Cannot sign out of iCloud because of an old email address' Unable to sign out of iCloud; linked to old email that no longer ...
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Challenging status of a question marked as duplicate

Recently, a question was marked as a duplicate since there was a similar, but not an actual duplicate, of the question already existing. In short, the situation was this: Original question was "How ...
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Remove duplicate status for a non-duplicate question

Disable iPhoto auto launch when connecting an iPhone or iPad is marked as duplicate. It's not. It's similar but it only pertains to iPhoto specifically in Yosemite. Got feedback that it should ...
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Which of these questions should remain open?

We have had several questions about people buying second hand phones and some have been closed as duplicate. How can I bypass Activation Lock? How to open iPhone 5c locked with an iCloud account? ...
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Should we merge or edit and differentiate these two questions?

I've closed a question since I'd like to have one authoritative "My FaceTime was hacked" thread, but perhaps I've been too hasty. Apple ID /Facetime account hacked? Does receiving spam iMessages / ...
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Is there such a thing as a legitimate duplicate? Is my case one of them?

I'm having the same problem as the poster of this question. That question has a few different answers, and one of them is accepted by the OP, so I assume his or her problem is fixed. I tried all the ...
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