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Use this tag for questions regarding the design of the Stack Exchange websites; e.g., for issues with the layout.

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How to get image of our point with K?

I saw in many profile that they have K with point, so my question is that how can i get such type of image. For example i saw someones's profile But my is Even i have many link account compare to ...
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How do I upload a picture on here?

I need to know how to upload a photo on here (on this website only) from my iPod Touch (4th gen.) when I ask another question. It's from the photo library on my iPod. I want to include it with my ...
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Retina graphics for Ask Different?

As retina displays are becoming more pervasive in Apple hardware, and we're here to support users of Apple products, I think it would be great if the AD site included retina versions of its image ...
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Can we make the registered vote arrow more obvious on meta-se? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Could the voted/unvoted button artwork be further differentiated on I must be getting old. I have a hard time telling when I've voted on meta questions. The ...
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Could the voted/unvoted button artwork be further differentiated on

The selected and unselected states of the vote-up and vote-down buttons here on Ask Different Meta aren't distinct enough for me to understand the difference. I'm including a screenshot that I just ...
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