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How can I make my question comply to all Ask Different guidelines?

My question to improve: How to check if the screen replacement part for iPhone 5s is an original one? Some clarifications on questions from bmike: Are you looking for knowledge? If so, remove ...
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2 answers

If a question was closed, will it eventually be deleted?

I asked this question on Ask Different: It was closed as not constructive by a moderator: This question is not a good ...
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Revisiting answers when new functionality is available e.g. release of iOS 5

I've just been browsing through questions tagged "iPad" and it occurred to me that there are a lot of questions for which there will be better answers once iOS 5 is released. There are a number of ...
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Plural vs. Singular and Infinitive vs. Name tags

I see there are several tags that are in a plural form but the singular form would also be acceptable and vice-versa, for examples : software shortcuts applications settings bookmark There is the ...
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How do we handle subjective questions on the meta site?

Since guidelines surrounding the site are being debated right here on the meta site, how are these normally handled? I'm confused because there are some troubling issues with what is happening: ...