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HTML links, generally those created within the network on questions, answers, or the site itself.

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The policy on flagging link-only answers should be made much more obvious

I recently had a NAA flag declined on this answer, which consists entirely of the text: This might help: How to Enable Dashboard Features in macOS Catalina where the second line is a link to an ...
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Apple Developer Forum links broken after WWDC 2020 forum upgrade

At WWDC 2020, Apple updated their Developer Forums. This has broken links to the old developer forum such as Error - Page Not Found The page you’re ...
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Why are visited links not rendered differently from non-visited links in AskDifferent?

I subscribe to several SE sites. I've noticed that the question links on the Questions page are rendered differently on the AskDifferent site than they are on the other sites I visit: After clicking ...
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Is question-linking a part of a privilege? Which one? Or is that done through some other mechanism?

I'm to the point where I don't think I can bring myself to answer pkgutil --expand-full again. Like, ever again. I don't wanna be known for milking this one flag I dug up years ago. But somehow, ...
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How do I delete an answer which is link only?

There is this answer that is only a link. patrix has left a standard comment Answers on Ask Different need to be more than just a link. It's okay to include a link, but please summarize or excerpt ...
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SE vs iFixit etc

Regarding this answer - Ought we to leave sites like iFixit to the task of full take-aparts & just provide links? The alternative would be pretty ...
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Show "Linked section" on the right side above "Related"

Stackoverflow, Stackoverflow meta and other StackExchange sites have "Linked section" on the right side above "Related". However it seems not visible on E.g. How to convert ...
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When `code` is included in a link, it is not highlighted in blue

While typing the title I was directed to this question from 2011 (it was even edited by Jeff Atwood!), but there are no answers or comments, and the issue still exists: When making an inline link ...
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Should we discourage shortened links (, etc.)?

I've noticed that people post links quite often. I don't notice it as often here as the other SE sites, but it's still a problem, in my opinion. There is no reason to post a link at all. ...
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Broken link on Privileges page

The link to the 'approve edit suggestions' page on the privileges page is broken
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