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Questions tagged [images]

For questions about the images used on Stack Exchange sites or about using images in your own posts.

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Use text-align:center in inner HTML

I want to insert images to my questions and answers and, to make my post more readable, I use the HTML img tag. I was looking for a way to align images at the center of the post (normally text-align:...
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I uploaded an image here and it shows up called "[1]:", is that right?

I took a screenshot of my desktop image that I uploaded to here. It is a screen shot of the image on my desktop that I wanted to attach the first time. Why is it showing up as a website? ...
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Is there any way to search for questions that have a certain image in them?

Is there any way to search for questions that have a certain image in them? I am looking for a question that I got an image from, but can’t find it in search.
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How can I keep screenshots from impacting readability of text? [duplicate]

I posted an answer that included several screenshots from my iPhone. When I view the answer, however, the images make it hard to read the text of my answer. They seem too large, and they are aligned ...
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How can we reduce the size of a image, while editing?

When someone post a question with an image on it that is really huge (most of the time an iPhone screenshot), is there a way to reduce the size of the image with an edit in order to make the question ...
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My retina avatar is no longer retina

For some time now, I've had a retina avatar, but no longer. I didn't change anything, but for apparently no reason my avatar is now very pixelated everywhere but my profile (and the top bar because ...
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Checkbox to automatically resize a retina display screenshot

For users with the new MacBook Pro with retina display, screenshots have their dimensions doubled. For example, if I take a screenshot of a window, this is what I get: As you can see, when the image ...
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Uploading animated GIFS

How do you upload animated GIFs to a post? I was trying to, but it told me "Failed to upload image; the format is not supported" So, are they not supported, or am I just exporting the GIF wrong?
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