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'Meta' is the governing meta site for all Stack Exchange sites together. Use this tag to ask questions about this very site, a.k.a. MSE. In some sense, the [meta] tag is Meta-Meta Stack Exchange.

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Why are there reputation badges on meta?

From Why is there no reputation change in meta: I wasn't around when the meta on the main trilogy was formed, but meta we down vote things we don't want to see. It's like a caucus or straw vote. If ...
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Should we claim

I typed in into chrome, and rather than googling for Ask Different Meta, it tried to load and failed. Should we claim and have it redirect to http://...
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Show "Linked section" on the right side above "Related"

Stackoverflow, Stackoverflow meta and other StackExchange sites have "Linked section" on the right side above "Related". However it seems not visible on E.g. How to convert ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Chat Room Name/Subtext not set for Ask Different Chat

If you look at all the chat rooms on SE, (notwithstanding the temporary ones between users etc) they pretty much all have a) a witty name, and/or b) some following subtext, e.g. : The Frying Pan: ...
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Should we have posts on meta that aren't questions that can be answered?

Most posts on meta seem to invite answers, which is what the SE engine seems to be good at. But there are some posts that seem more like announcements and less like anything that can be answered. On ...
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Could the voted/unvoted button artwork be further differentiated on

The selected and unselected states of the vote-up and vote-down buttons here on Ask Different Meta aren't distinct enough for me to understand the difference. I'm including a screenshot that I just ...
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Merry Xmas to all :)

There’s no question in this question, and whether you believe/like/hate/ignore/etc., this is a time where a lot of people stays with family and such. I can’t because mine is on the other side of the ...
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