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For questions about the mobile versions of Stack Exchange sites. For questions about the mobile apps, use the [android-app] and the [ios-app] tags as needed. Since the new responsive design will eventually replace the mobile version, bugs and feature request are unlikely to be fixed/implemented.

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Incorrect message "Caps Lock is on" when entering password

I am authenticating on the site Ask Different. I am entering my password. When I press Shift, the site says "Caps Lock is on". This is incorrect. When Shift is released, the site still says "Caps ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Page not found page not mobile friendly

Earlier I had deleted a question that I asked which had generated no activity. I did this while browsing the mobile site. When I clicked 'delete' I got a popup to confirm and was then redirected to a '...
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1 answer

Flagging layout for mobile (iPhone 4) is challenging to use

I tried flagging a few posts using the iPhone 4 / Mobile interface, and the layout far exceeds the screen size. The initial box for flagging and closing looks good and survives a portrait to ...
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24 votes
3 answers

Please change name of site from "Apple" to "Ask Different"

The new "mobile" template, among other things, replaces the site logo with the name of the site in text. However, the Stack Exchange engine still thinks that this site is called "Apple", which results ...
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2 answers

Why no mobile view?

Being intrinsically Apple-centric, why does not have a mobile view for my iPhone? The likelyhood of an Apple user coming to this site is high right? So why would you not want ...
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What mobile affordances are planned for this sire?

Are there plans for a mobile version of this site? The usual version works OK, but a more compact version with fewer images would be nice. Is this considered/ruled out/in the works?
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