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Some topics just generate controversy. When they come up, you know the 💩 is going to hit the fan… but that doesn't mean we can dodge the issue.

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Should the help page remove the prohibition on hackintosh?

I'm inclined to edit the help page on what questions are on and off-topic. The list off-topic items has this category: Installing or using Apple operating systems on non-Apple hardware (and most ...
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Refresh The Main Page

Add a comment if you had loaded today and refreshed the page "N" times to see if the new design appeared… This is a joke ;) Update for the less humorous out there: A bird¹ ...
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3 votes
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New tag for controversial discussions?

Martin has kindly suggested the use of [poo-storm] referenced here. I believe the first recipient of this honorary tag should be the hackintosh thread. All in favor?
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An open request for *moderate* moderation

I don't want to create any kind of poo-storm, but I would like to see more hands-off moderation, at least in these early stages of the site. A lot of the users on this site are brand-new, and they ...
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Tag for questions that apply to MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook equally?

There are some questions on the site that apply to all Apple notebook computers. These questions tend to be tagged arbitrarily as MacBook or MacBook Pro. However, a question can also be related very ...
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