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Questions about the naming of Stack Exchange sites, how specific sites were named, or questions that arise from a site being renamed.

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Why is this site's URL not the same as its name?

I have seen both this and this, and I am asking "the other side of the coin", in a way. What I was wondering is: why didn't we make the play on the Think Different campaign in the URL as well as in ...
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Should we keep ' - Stack Exchange' at the end of our name?

Our official name has recently been upgraded to Ask Different (instead of Apple). This is something we've been hoping for for a long time, and I'm thrilled that it's happened. I don't want this post ...
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3 votes
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Can we rename the site to Apple? [duplicate]

Ask Different was sounding a bit outdated almost since the start of this site. Maybe this generation of Apple was still borderline 'different': Definately not the case now. I'm sure Apple would allow ...
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​Rename the site as Apple User

The current name of the site - "Ask Different" doesn't make sense for most of people except of some people who remember history of Apple campaigns. When I first time have seen the reference to the ...
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