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Questions tagged [site-scope]

For questions about what is in scope (on-topic) for Ask Different and what not.

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Update to FAQ about iTunes Connect being on-topic

I have updated the main site's FAQ to include wording that allows iTunes Connect to be on-topic. Here is a short rationalization and summary of where the line is between what would be considered a ...
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Are questions about hardware development on-topic?

Right now the on-topic FAQ reads: Please refrain from asking about the following topics: Code-level programming questions (cocoa, LLVM, etc…) are off-topic here. We do encourage AppleScript, ...
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Can we add 'off-site resources' to the list of 'don't ask' questions?

Following on from What exactly are "off-site resources" from the "off-topic" close reason? We have this listed in our close reason, Questions asking to recommend or find a Mac, ...
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Discussion on recommendation / menu bar reverse engineering

I wanted to have a short discussion on one question that looks problematic in terms of scope: Modifying the Menu Bar If you look at the initial version, it had a generally problematic closing which ...
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Where do we draw the legal line?

I've seen my fair share of 'shady' per-se questions on here, and am looking for input on where we draw the line. There are several places that we could draw this metaphorical line: Jailbreak ...
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