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How to make cookie setting permanent

Every time I log in I’m asked to confirm or choose cookie settings. How can I make the site remember my choices so I don’t have to choose every time I log in? Sorry if this is not the right site to ...
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Do we close questions already answered on other sites? [duplicate]

If a question has already been asked on another site, and over there it already has a great answer, or a collection of answers, do we want to leave it open here? This specific question is the one ...
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Strange email about Ask Different from Stack Overflow

So recently I got an email from Stack Overflow saying that I am in the top whatever percent of rep earning users. What I found strange though is that it's from Stack Overflow, not Stack Exchange or ...
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automatic SE profile transfer for Autobiographer badge

I have noticed that when I sign up for most sites in the SE network, I automatically get the Autobiographer badge after a few minutes of interacting with the new SE site. When I do, I look at my ...
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Going from "okay" to "excellent" [closed]

Final Update: Now that we've launched, I wanted to update this post with our final numbers: Many thanks to everyone who helped make the site a success! Update 4: We just crossed over 15 questions ...
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