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12 votes
2 answers

CSS Bug 'on hover' for comment button

If I slowly mouseover the comments button on AD (I have tried with with 2 other SE sites that I cannot replicate this on) I get a rapid flickering between the hover and non hover state when I near the ...
  • 25.6k
7 votes
0 answers

Code-formatted links aren't highlighted blue

Links wrapped around `code` snippets aren't highlighted as links, so they're hard to notice. This should probably behave more like SU and SO, where they're still highlighted blue even though they're ...
  • 10.9k
4 votes
2 answers

Bug on linking to a specific answer within a question: Firefox → AskDifferent

This question is related to: How do I link to a specific answer?. Within the set of answers (to a specific question) I may represent like this: Question 59917 Answer 59918 Answer 87982 I want ...
  • 11.5k
2 votes
0 answers

Moderator tools from the review pane are broken in Safari and Chrome

I have asked on the main meta for a fix, but not all sites have this bug. I'll open this bug report here since I care more about a fix here than a general site wide fix of something that I only see ...
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