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For questions about the process of suggesting edits on posts for which you do not have the ability to edit directly and must go through the review system to have your edits approved.

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1 answer

Suggested Edits now take more than one review?

I accepted a suggested edit just now ( How to use a UNIX console app ), but I get a note saying: You have already reviewed this item. It needs more reviews from other users to be completed. Is ...
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Why was my edit rejected?

I've fixed a misspelling of OSX El Capitan in an older post, why was it rejected?
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5 votes
1 answer

Changing Apple links depending on region

Some links from Apple are specific to a region. For example, I am basef in the UK:
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Suggested edit confusion

I have looked back over the revision history to this question and I am confused as to what actually happened. I posted my suggested edit shortly after the question was posted initially (around 15 ...
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First suggested edit ban but still unable to suggest edits more than 24 hours later

Recently I had a lot of edits rejected. I know that when you have a certain number rejected in a period of time you get an automatic edit ban. I have looked at my edit history here: https://apple....
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3 votes
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Community accepted crappy suggested edit

I came across a rather interesting revision history of an question, in which was a horrible suggested edit that was accepted by the Community bot. To be fair, the suggested edit wasn't all bad – the ...
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What’s wrong with this edit adding an App Store link to an answer?

What is wrong with me adding a link to the app in the App Store in this suggested edit? Was it misunderstood to not be a link?
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What’s wrong with this edit? [duplicate]

What’s wrong with this edit It added a link to the iOS version, without making the answer any longer or taking any more space on screen.
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