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Unanswered questions are those questions which have no up-voted or accepted answers.

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What do we do with 'useless old questions'?

What do we do with 'useless old questions'? Ones that never really defined the problem, will never have an answer & no-one would care if they vanished off the face of the earth. They don't provide ...
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How can I get more answers to my question?

I asked a question on this site several months ago, and I still have not received a working answer. Is there some way I can get an answer to this question or get more people to view it without putting ...
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false duplicate marking

How do you silence Mojave “Your Disk is almost full” notification? [duplicate] How do you silence Mojave "Your Disk is almost full" notification? The first two answers suggests to use the ...
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My Unanswered Question Is Not On Unanswered, But Answered Questions Are

Here's my question: How To Let My MBP know that a USB is bootable? . I just realized that my unanswered question is not on /unanswered, but many answered questions with over 10 votes and 4 answers are....
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Can a Moderator Designate a Question as Answered?

There are dozens of questions on here that have viable answers, yet the asker never bothers to go back and assign an answer to the question. Many of them are quite obvious. Yet, as far as I can tell, ...
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Dead question policy

My definition on dead questions are as followed The user asking haven't been around for long. (Correct answer may or may not exist, but no best answer was chosen by the asker) The question isn't ...
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Refund the bounty if no anwers recieved

I offered a bounty on this question: Can I enable AHCI mode of the SATA controller when booting to Windows on a MacBook with Nvidia chipset? and didn’t get any answers. Now I think the amount should ...
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How do I float questions to the top?

I have several questions that have not been answered and consequently, they floated to the bottom of the question list. How do I get the question more towards the top again?
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