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Reopening specific Yosemite pre-release questions

There are similar questions regarding reopening in here, but the 'master' question is about Lion & has no accepted answer. I'm aiming for more specific questions, as people spot them, to perhaps ...
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Yosemite... & lack of backup

Is there some prescribed response to "I put a beta on my machine, with no backup at all & now I broke it" ... other than giggling, of course.
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Should questions about OS X Yosemite be allowed now it is in public beta?

I know this question has already been asked, but with the public beta release everyone can access and get Yosemite. There will definitely be some bugs and glitches. Could we ask questions on Yosemite ...
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How should questions about the Swift Programming Language be dealt with?

I have been seeing questions about the Swift programming language here and on StackOverflow, and other technologies that are currently under NDA. Should these be flagged or closed since Swift falls ...
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