A big thank you to all 36 users who voted on questions or answers this month! it would be nice to see that number go up...


I want to say, even with the "most" reviews being easy to measure, I'm most proud of the quality of the reviews, edits, posts and comments that all are true community moderation here. Some of us get to hand a diamond after our names for a while, but without everyone's work this community wouldn't be nearly as vibrant as it is. Kudos and thank you whether ...


Pretty humbling to see all the moderation, support and collaboration that happens here on a routine basis. Well done to everyone concerned!


I’m continually humbled at how well collaboration works here. No system is perfect, but we’ve really assembled a crew that does an amazing job with the framework and community that has assembled here. Thanks Monomeeth for the excellent accounting and distilling of this activity. It’s always an interesting read.


Really grateful to interact with so many knowledgable folks here. What's really nice is that most of them are regular and pretty active. Really value how all the regular folks contribute in such positive manner without any bias. I feel fortune to have the opportunity to interact with everyone. There's something new to learn every single day, which keeps me ...

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