These one-per-OS-release questions don't have a right answer (if they did, there would be an accepted answer, but clearly there is no canonical correct answer to them). They aren't an ideal fit for our Q&A format. The Q&A engine doesn't scale particularly well to questions with many pages of answers; the earlier answers pick up votes, and thus remain ...


I do not see why this sould be CW. The question could be made a bit more general re the iOS versions but the answer seems to stay the same. Both seem good enough and covering an explict question so that they can be a normal answer


I like Community Wikis (and for clarity, I am referring to ones created deliberately for the purposes of listing cool features and tiny things etc), provided they are done right, but think that the current system makes them hard to manage and leads to variable quality. Reasons I like them: They make people contribute. They drive page views, and new users (...

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