This is a chicken and egg problem. We aim to be the best place for Google / Duck Duck Go / whatever search tool you use to allow people to get high quality answers to specific practical questions, so I would say no - just because you could search easily doesn’t mean we shouldn’t host a good question for that topic. However, the egg (or chicken) has to be ...


If you know that The question is not on Ask Different already, and The answer is easily googleable, Then you would have had to search for your question both here and on google, and found the answer. In which case, you should ask the question here and answer it yourself with a quality answer.


It depends :-) If I google the search terms mentioned, I get the answer directly from Google: The Q&A we have on the topic indeed shows up much later, but the same Q&A can be found when searching on the site directly. We expect people to do some basic research before asking, also the system might propose existing questions depending on how you wrote ...

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