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For now - I will make an edit to change magic-keyboard to be magic-keyboard-ipad so it’s very clear which hardware should be tagged.


Reviews are not changeable - if you mess up, you can always fess up. Moderators do it all the time - we chat or fix as needed when we mis click, mis read or just mistakenly think. Better to go back and fix it in my experience. Good thinking taking action to hunt it down and flag or otherwise get the result you wish you had chosen initially.


All Apple products are on-topic here, but we also have a sister site in the network, Retrocomputing Stack Exchange, which specifically deals with questions about computer systems of yesteryear, including the Apple II.


Sure, all Apple products are on-topic.


You can change the order of the answers yourself if required by selecting Active, Oldest, or Votes. This is a per-user choice. But in general there is no need to have the accepted answer also have the highest number of votes. "Accept" is just the way the OP uses to indicate which answer they liked best (so it's kind of like a super-vote). This may be ...


Here are some more: Belkin device simulators ( DD-WRT demo ( DrayTek device live demos ( NetComm device emulators ( Netis device emulators (


You might first post a question on Software Recommendations (or, if applicable, Hardware Recommendations) to ensure that no such product exists. If no solution exists then you might ask how to do what you want on one of the SE developer forums as a way of eliciting obstacles.


Comment flags can only be acted upon (resulting in the deletion of the comment) or declined, there is no option to provide feedback (which is actually optional also for flags on post). I didn't handle the flags on these comments, but I would have declined them as well. The comments show good community actions on helping a new user to understand the site ...


It seems flags can not re-flagged, given this check You have already raised this type of flag and can no longer reraise it So users who accidentally "dismiss" flags should be deleting the comments when flagging was legitimate.


I therefore propose that while questions related to hardware shopping that focus on market price, which fluctuates rapidly, be closed as off-topic, but questions that focus on the factors related to the fundamental costs of an Apple-related considered on-topic on this site. If there’s a practical question and subsequently practical answer, ...

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